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*Name: Sasha.
*Age: Thirteen, soon to be fourteen on August 10th.
Location: Northern California.
*Sex: female
*Occupation/Future occupation: Although I’m only thirteen, I work in a bookstore after school for credit, and I, of course, baby sit. When school starts again, I plan on getting my workers permit, and hope to get paid for real.
*Relationship?(pictures would be nice): Nope. I just broke up with my boyfriend about a week ago, and he’s being really mean about it too, arguing with me, calling me immature, when he’s the one whose sixteen and was told my his best friend that he needed to quit running around, acting like a ten-year-old for people to take him seriously. *calms self* However, I do like this guy I met at the dance on Friday.
*Sexual preference? I’m straight.
*Referred by anyone? Not exactly. I’ve seen posts about it in pink_juice.


*Singers/Bands: My music changes so often it’s not even funny. And actually, I haven’t been listening to anything lately, because my CD collection currently sucks. But last I remember, I was listening to stuff like Maroon 5, Simple Plan, Green Day, etc. Can any of you offer me some suggestions for the next CD I buy?
*Movies: My Girl, Man in the Moon (1991 version), Peter Pan (2003 version), The Ring, Edward Scizzorhands, etc.
*Actors: Adam Sandler, Rupert Grint, and Reese Witherspoon.
*Food: Garlic bread, baked potatoes (with butter and sour cream mixed in), and…well, I like a lot of things! I just don’t really have a favourite.
*Place to be: Anywhere where I can be happy with my friends. I wouldn’t mind being in a rundown street with nothing to do, as long as I had my friends there with me to make me laugh. But I, of course, like the mall, ice skating rink, the cinema, etc.
*Quote: “Should I smile because you’re my friend, or cry because that’s all we’ll ever be?” I like those stupid, sappy love quotes. I also like, “What do you do when you’ve found your prince, but you’re not his princess?”
*Color: Pink and black.
*Sport: Soccer and basketball.

More Random Info

~If you could go back into time, what time period would you go back in? I’d go back into the 1600s, or the 1950s, because both were really cool eras.
~What makes you different from other people? Generally, I’m a fun, outgoing, and interesting person, so I think I’d be a good person to have in the community. Also, with summer coming, I hope to be super active.
~Who is/are your role model(s)? I don’t really have any. I guess pretty much any actor/actress/singer/etc because they followed their dream, and got to where they wanted to be, minus people who were instantly famous, like Paris Hilton, Jamie Lynn Spears, etc.
~What can you bring to this community...? we don't want non-active members... Like I said, I plan to be extremely active!
Describe yourself in 5 words: Outgoing, fun, random, weird, *thinks really hard* internet addict? Oh, wait…that’s like six words…but five categories! (I asked my friend, and she suggested “sweet” for the fifth word).
~What do you think of the mods? I don’t think I know any of them, but I’m sure they’re really cool, and I hope to get to know them.
~Make us laugh: Um…let me think. I’m so going to fail this portion, I’m sure. But this is SO cute:

Your Opinions On...

*Abortion: Really, it depends on whether I think it’s alright to have an abortion. If tyou’re a young, slutty girl who had sex just for the hell of it, and you come from a supporting family that will raise the child well, you shouldn’t have an abortion. However, if you’re poor, live on the streets, or have an unfit life for an infant, or were raped, I think that there’s more to it than “just have the baby.”
*War in General: War should be avoided at all costs. I don’t know much about war, so I’d rather not really make a statement, to avoid sounding dumb if I say something wrong, so I’ll just leave it at that.
*Gay Marriage: Wow. This subject makes me so mad with the close-minded idiots I like to call homophobes. Marriage is about love, not colour, religion, ancestry, or anything even somewhat like that. Like the term “love is blind,” you don’t chose who you like, it just happens.
*Fluffy Chickens: I prefer armadillos. Or armadillios. Pick one.

*Why should you be a Pink Laydee?: I think I’d be a good addition to this community. I’m hard-working, probably won’t leave the community, and I know I’ll be active. And hopefully everyone won’t hate me.
*Promote to a community/journal and provide the links:

I’m not the prettiest girl on the block, but it’s the only body I’ve got, so I should be happy with it. Also, I am EXTREMELY sorry, but they’re all really big, and I’m apparently not talented enough to make them smaller. Likewise, I don’t have a 100x100 one, but Ifferful might.

This is me, a couple weeks ago. It’s a bit blurry, but I like it.

It’s blurry-ish too, but I like this one, which is surprising. But since I’ve posted blurry-ish ones, I’ll post not as nice, but unblurry ones too!

Eh…I don’t really like this one.

This one isn’t very good either.

Me modeling the new stuff my best friend got me in Reno.

I’m in a sharing mood.

*a silly picture of you

This would be me acting like a kittie.

*the worst picture of yourself you can find. We mean WORST
Well, most of my bad pictures aren’t scanned, or were deleted from the digital camera. But this is the worst one I could find:

I look freaking high, like I’m about to fondle/feel up my puppie (whose name was Sparkle, but my friend, Chae, renamed it "Ass Monkey")

Thank you for considering me.

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