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Pink Laydees Strike Back

the young, retro and...pink

¤Retro Rating So in Your Face¤
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Welcome to Pink Laydees,
an honest yet DORKY and fun rating community.
This is a place to, after you are stamped,
post pictures, poems, thoughts, ideas...anything.
We base our votes on the application itself,
as well as the pictures, so don't be intimidated, let it all out.
This is a community for the geeky, random, retro, beautiful people out there.
Have fun and good luck!

The theme,
as you can probably tell, is retro style,
and this is for creative people who appreciate the oldies.
There are two mods. Mod-oinky_oinkerz and co-modpinkseashell We will be the ones rejecting, accepting, or banning.

The creator of this community is pyrates_booty

Read it all or weep ladees.
I need to know that you have read all of this.

1. YOU MUST FIRST JOIN THIS COMMUNITY. And then you are ready to be rated.

2. Follow the EXACT application and write complete, THOUGHTFUL answers. You want us to be interested, don't you?

3. Any pictures that you post MUST be clear. I am allowing them to be photoshopped, colored, or funky, as long as we can see your face. Basically, we need to be able to see who we are rating.

4. NO nude pictures. NO WAY. You will be banned immediatly if you do so.

5. Upon a "no" vote, you may POLITELY state an answer or objection or why you think they should change their vote. But DO NOT be rude or bitchy towards our members, or you will be banned. That's that. These are our opinions, and upon applying, you should be expecting them.

6. Until you have been stamped into this community. DO NOT post in any other entries or make one of your own in this journal. You will be banned.

7. When a mod posts, the subject will say "mod//whatever the subject is" and you obviously aren't voting on it. Same goes with the stamped members. Their subject should read "stamped//etc."

8. You may promote other communities for now, but let;s not go crazy. If i see it starting to get out of hand, I will ban it. And let's be fair and promote out community back on others.

9. USE AN LJ CUT!!!! If not, your entry will be deleted for sure. It fills up space and it's extrememly annoying. so here you go(take out the stars) : <*lj-cut text="your text here"> YOUR APPLICATION<*/lj-cut>

10. The limited time for voters is 24 hours. After that point, I will count up the votes. If there are more *nos*, you are REJECTED. If there are more *yes'*, you are proudly ACCEPTED.

11. PROMOTE PROMOTE! banners are in pink_growl Also put one in your user info.

12. Everyone is to be nice to eachother, This isn't one of those sad, bitch fight communites. We all need to get along. Understand?

13. Have you read the rules? Prove it to me. Put "pink laydee growl" in the subject line of your application. Now.. Read on...

New Themes Everyday!!


She's awesome & Sweet!
A perfect Pink Laydee if I do say so.
At the end of June, a new Soda Jerk will be picked. <3

In this community, we use the high and mighty points system. But we don't call them points,
we call them sodas. At the end of every month, there is a
Queen Laydee or King T-Bird. How do they get to this position of royalty?
By earning the most points out of everyone. read on...

Scavenger Hunts:
One of the mods will post a list of items to scout out pictures of
(on google, or of your own), and you have week to post an entry with what you have found.
Got all the items? You get 35 sodas.
If you post a link where you have promoted once, you get 10 sodas.
if you promote more than once, you recieve 20 sodas.
Text Only Posts
These are pretty boring, but sometimes they are needed.
If you post one, you recieve 5 sodas.
Posts With Pictures
These are fun. Post one and you get 20 sodas.
Theme Participation
There are themes every week, and it isn't a requirement to join in them,
but if you do, you get 25 sodas.
Making Something For the Community
If you make a promotion/accepted/rejected banner or
something of the sort for this community, you will recieve 30 sodas.
If an applicant tells us that they were referred by you,
you are awarded 25 sodas
Also, the mods are allowed to hand out sodas whenever they please,
for whatever they please. So behave! For now, sodas cannot be deducted, but that may change...

some things to do

Awards For The Soda Jerk

At the end of each month, the person with the most points is given the title of the Queen Laydee or King T-Bird.
If you become this King or Queen, you are awarded some kind of freebie.
Meaning a banner, blinkie or icon of some sort made for you. But also,
take pride in the fact that you won, it means you are an awsome member
and that we love you. You get one accepted/rejected banner. you get one of each. Next person that applies and you like them a lot, accept them with the banner. no questions asked. if you don't like them. just reject them with your banner. no questions asked. Then You start off the next month with 35 sodas. =)
The banner can be found here : pink_growl choose one of each rejected and accepted. BUT you can only use each one once. So use wisely =)

Yes, there's more! If win the Soda Jerk title, you can prove that you are a deserving member
by getting another person or people to apply.
If I am told that they applied because of your referral,
you are awarded 30 sodas for the next month and also...
(this is the best)...an auto accept/reject ticket!
What's that you ask? It is a invisible ticket that you recieve.
When a person applies... you can use it for two great reasons...
If you love the person, you can auto-accept them no questions asked
if you despise the applicant, you can reject them, also no questions ask
Yup, you have a lot of power with this ticket, so try and win it.

pyrates_bootyoinky_oinkerz and krazy_kt for helping with the awards. Now scroll down to the application luvs...


*Occupation/Future occupation:
*Relationship?(pictures would be nice):
*Sexual preference?
*Referred by anyone?


*Place to be:

More Random Info

~If you could go back into time, what time period would you go back in?
~What makes you different from other people?
~Who is/are your role model(s)?
~What can you bring to this community...? we don't want non-active members...
~Describe yourself in 5 words:
~What do you think of the mods?
~Make us laugh:
Your Opinions On...

*War in General:
*Gay Marriage:
*Fluffy Chickens:

*Why should you be a Pink Laydee? (and don't you dare say its cuz you like pink... I mean it.):
*Promote to a community/journal and provide the links:
*a silly picture of you
*the worst picture of yourself you can find. we mean WORST

Accepted/Rejected/Banned and Promotion Banners!

Promote as much as possible please!! Because we want this community to thrive.
Clcik on the big huge banner... it will lead you to a page that has all of our community banners on it. Or click the link below it. <3



Any suggestions? comment here http://www.livejournal.com/community/pink_laydees/182400.html

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