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That woman is one of my fucking heros. In case you don't know, she is Beth Ditto from a band called The Gossip. I get to see her/be around her/talk to her every single day this week. Why? I'm at the Rock N Roll camp for girls.
I'm inspired.
I'm a feminist.

Rock n Roll camp for girls is a 5 day day camp program where girls learn to play an instrument of their choice (guitar/bass/drums/vox/dj/keyboard) as well as learn about self defense, zines, and a shit-ton of other kick ass things that all girls should know. It's in my home town, Portland, Oregon.

I felt like I need to let all y'all know, because well, as I said before, I'm inspired and I'm sick of this community being dead.

Check out the Gossip.

and even in fear of sounding incredibly cliche and 90's...
girl fucking power.

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